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Top of the apps!

With a staggering 2.1 million apps out there, sometimes it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, and language learning apps are no different.

The team here at Professional Language Solutions has done the hard work for you; our expert panel has cherry-picked 4 of the best free apps in the widely-spoken but lesser-studied languages: Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Indonesian.


Russian Pod 101

This excellent app provides practice of all 4 skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation activities. Good cultural references are noted throughout, weaving national holidays and traditions into lessons, all of which ensures learning takes place in the context of social and everyday interactions. Other highlights include:

  • Interactive videos
  • Complete audio archive access
  • Printer-friendly lesson notes
  • One-click lesson downloads
  • Word of the Day access
  • Core 100 word lists and audio


Learn Arabic

There’s no denying that taking on the task of learning a language like Arabic can feel overwhelming at times, but take our advice and get a head start and get ahead with this brilliant app. ‘Learn Arabic’ is perfect for topping up your Arabic training on the go; it has lots of useful functionalities which have positioned it on Professional Language Solutions’ ‘Top of the Apps’ list. Here are just a few of them:

  • Student self-authored online dictionary
  • Option to play back audio at slower speeds
  • Essential advice and information for travellers
  • Integrated glossary
  • Categorised vocabulary system for ease of memorisation


The Chairman’s Bao

Not only should this app win the ‘best named app’ award, it’s also an impressive offering with a multitude of features which makes it one of the most comprehensive language learning apps out there. It’s easy to use, fun and engaging. It publishes news stories on diverse and fascinating subjects, along with practical and contextualised exercises. And there’s more:

  • A sleek, modern and speedy interface
  • Users can view lesson metrics and assess own progress
  • Three-speed control and progress bar on all audio
  • Innovative tools to aid character learning and mastery
  • Over 4,000 lesson


Belajar Bahasa Indonesia

Let’s face it, there’s not a great deal of competition when it comes to Indonesian language learning apps, but if there were, this one would come out on top. With its contextualised activities and gamification, it supports its users to consolidate and solidify new vocabulary and grammar structures. The benefits don’t stop there, there’s also all of this:

  • Emphasis on functional and communicative skills
  • Gamification of vocabulary and grammar practice
  • Excellent source for learning about Indonesian culture
  • Inclusion of idiomatic phrases
  • Builds conversation skills via daily activities from beginner level upwards


Although language learning apps have numerous pedagogical benefits, as outlined above, there’s still no comparison between an interactive lesson with a qualified and experienced language teacher and an app.


At Professional Language Solutions our teachers are dedicated to providing balanced, bespoke and engaging lessons in over 50 different languages. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your particular language learning needs.



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