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Virtual language learning - the solution to some long-standing L&D challenges

As pioneers in the blended learning space, Professional Language Solutions, has used teacher-led virtual classroom training to help our clients overcome some very specific work and learning related L&D challenges. 

 In this article, we shine a light on the benefits virtual lessons can bring to a language training programme.


Everyone can get involved, no one misses out


Providing accessibility to training opportunities within the workplace has never been more important. Our online classes, using leading virtual classroom software, provide an opportunity for inclusivity for all team members to participate in language learning. They allow remote and lone workers to take part in regular on-going training; events they would otherwise be excluded from due to not being in the office on a regular basis. Additionally, any students who are unable to attend training on a particular day can now log into their virtual classes on their mobile devices or access recordings of the lessons, stored in the cloud, to catch up and prepare for the next lesson.


An alternative perspective to long-standing scheduling challenges


Over the years we noticed many of our clients’ HR and L&D departments really struggle with finding homogeneous schedules for training. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, due to complex working patterns, such as employees working on varying rotation and shifts patterns. Virtual classes allow students to participate in a continuous programme which easily adapts to location and availability. Night shift workers are notoriously difficult to accommodate in regular on-site training due to working hours of local teachers, whereas our virtual solution allows us to use teachers based in other times zones to teach such classes. In fact, our growing database of internationally based virtual language teachers allows us to accommodate classes 24/7 and 365 days a year. 


When flexibility is essential


Our virtual classes have proven to be ideal solutions for our clients in both the oil & gas, and military fields whose work locations are remote, dangerous or inaccessible to non-employees. For these clients, sending workers offsite for training events is both expensive and disrupting to work, and bringing a teacher to the work site is equally difficult. By providing a virtual language teacher to our offshore clients on rigs and ships, we remove the considerable cost and logistical hurdles of sending teachers in for face to face lessons, such as arranging medical tests, providing safety training, helicopter transfers, accommodation etc. For our military clients, our virtual teachers ensure that no unauthorised personnel are required on bases, dramatically reducing security risks, the need for procuring base passes or the resources for having the teacher being accompanied at all times. 


The unexpected perks


The cost and scheduling benefits of establishing virtual training classes across organisations is very clear to L&D professionals at start up, but our clients have also reported unexpected value-added perks. One such perk is the building of inter-company and organisational relationships. Often training events are localised in the workplace or even within the department with colleagues everyone knows, whilst wider company events are more exclusive and far less frequent. Our virtual group language classes allow regular inter-office training events across different departments and offices, thus encouraging, establishing and building new connections. For international organisations this training can happen across all the different countries in which the organisation works in, thus promoting relationship building across the company.


Feedback from one of our clients, where we deliver language training across offices within Europe, identifies how this increased networking has had many positive effects, such as improved workflows, increased efficiency and a better understanding of sense of place within the company - all improving staff morale, which in turn, will reduce staff turnover. As a result of such feedback, we now proactively work with L&D managers to encourage and facilitate cross-department and cross-country language training groups.


A personalised approach


Our virtual training model also allows Professional Language Solutions to offer a far wider range of expert teachers to our clients. Without the geographical restrictions of on-site training we’re better able to select a teacher with the appropriate background and skill-set to best meet the needs of the students. As a course progresses and the needs of the students mature, we can further adapt the profile and skills of the teachers selected. Also, bespoke requests from students can be accommodated easily by bringing in guest teachers for a greater depth of learning in specialised areas.  


Professional Language Solutions is dedicated to designing and delivering the most effective language training programmes for each of our clients, get in touch to see how we can help you and your company.

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